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Are Bounce Houses the Norm of Birthday Parties Now?

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As a momma you’ll have probably come across the issue of bounce houses are your kids birthday parties.  On the one hand, they are really cool way to bring a carnival/amusement park atmosphere directly into your backyard.

While unlike swingsets (which make sense to install in your backyard as they can last several years), it probably doesn’t make sense to buy a bounce house yourself.

However lots of services have been popping up for rentals.  They are relatively inexpensive (especially since they can entertain dozens of kids over the course of the night).  We’ve recently used bounce house rental norwalk ct and it was a pretty easy experience and didn’t cost all that much (we spend about the same on food and drinks).

I’m curious, however, are these the norm now for birthday parties? I remember when I was a kid (I don’t mean to sound like a boomer, but here we go) birthday parties had pizza and cake, and a backyard to run around in.  That was about it.  Nowadays we are bringing a friggin amusement park INTO THE BACKYARD!

I just hope that kids these days will appreciate this, and not be stuck glued to an iPad for the whole afternoon.

What do you guys think? Are bounce houses normal now? And if so, do you plan on renting one for your kids next bday?

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