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Are Bounce Houses the Norm of Birthday Parties Now? [Updated for COVID-19]

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As a momma you’ll have probably come across the bounce houses (also called bounce castles) at kids birthday parties.  It might have been your kid or your neighbors kid, but sooner or later you will come across them.  They seem to be becoming the norm for birthday parties and kids celebrations.

However there popularity has raised some concerns, with some noticing news stories that they might not be safe.  Furthermore, now that we are undergoing a pandemic, are there safe ways to even have birthday parties, much less have them with a bounce house?

Advantages of Bounce Houses

  • First off, they are a really cool way to bring a carnival/amusement park atmosphere directly into your backyard.
  • They are relatively affordable.  Certainly not as cheap as pizza and soda but they are a nice addition to a crowded birthday party.
    • While unlike other backyard attractions like swingsets, or trampolines (which make sense to install in your backyard, as they last many years and are likely to be used pretty often), it probably doesn’t make sense to buy a bounce house yourself.  However there are rental services that are relatively inexpensive.  We’ve recently used Bounce Houses New Jersey and it was a pretty easy experience and didn’t cost all that much (we spent about the same on food and drinks for the kids and the adults).
  • Gives kids something colorful and shiny to attract their attention, so they don’t end up on the iPad the whole afternoon.
  • Tires the kids out (parents will know what I’m talking about).

Disadvantages of Bounce Houses

No social distancing – Of course a bunch of kids piling into a bounce house isn’t going to go well in the age of COVID-19, however, if you think about it, will any type of birthday parties be viable?  I tend to doubt it.

Will they Become the Norm?

I’m curious, however, are these the norm now for birthday parties? I remember when I was a kid (I don’t mean to sound like a boomer, but here we go) birthday parties had pizza and cake, and a backyard to run around in.  That was about it.  Nowadays we are bringing a friggin amusement park INTO THE BACKYARD!

However as more rental services pop up, and more parents look for easier ways to entertain a dozen or more kids for a few hours, it makes sense to start bringing out the gimmicks, bounce houses included.


What do you guys think? Are bounce houses normal now? And if so, do you plan on renting one for your kids next bday?  Are you even planning to have a birthday party with COVID still raging?

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